Thursday, 10 May 2018

Challenge that the people of Tokelau are doing

one challenge that Tokelauns are facing is a decrease in the population and a decrease in talented people leaving Tokelau. but a counter for that is, they are changing their traditions and welcoming females into a leadership role.

another challenge is that their education system is lacking in schools and can not afford to make a  university or have space. To make it worse, those people that want to continue their studies for a better life, tend to leave the island for a better education.this will leave Tokelau in a state of anguish

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

school work

Globalization: globalizing around the world with others.
Change: when 1 things turn into another
Education: learning in school

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Camp Adair

Ok the highlights of camp adair.The main highlight was to follow the rules or you weren’t allowed access to ANY of the events. Other highlights were: “a reason why we are doing this camp is to try and get yous to get together and work together and try and communicate more with others” i think it was something like that. Another highlight was? Nah don’t really remember aye? I guess just have fun there aye? Ok i guess i need to write about it on my next paragraph.

Me working with others and helping others and the team/group i was in.

(teamwork, communication, trust, entertainment,  yeah aye?) It was just real fun to do and stuff. But yoooo we kinda wasted bring all that stuff on the list aye? Like we didn’t need a fork/spoon/knife/mug/plate/ whatever the rest was. it was already provided

I think if the weather was better and if we had more days then it’ll be way better. Cause on our second day we didn’t get to do the hike or even the activities that were supposed to happen and more days at camp because it was fun but only lasted for a day and a half for us, it’d be better if it was like at least a week or 4 days

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

prototec score 28.11.2017

I got 82% on my stage 8 on the website prototec.

I got 6Q wrong.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

I have a story to tell.

Ok when I was younger, It was pretty obvious that I was a little wanna-be tough guy with the brains, Meaning I WAS a bully, I also had a few more friends and female friends, this was between the ages of 8 - 11 before puberty hit me. I was a trouble make. Always wanting to start a fight with the “Odd guys” my age. Back then I was friends with other bullies {and some nice guys} who at the time were all focused on finding out who liked who. Me being the crazy guy only cared about the entertainment in fights, so I didn’t care about all that stuff.

One time, when I was around the age of 9, my best friend got called outside and was asked out by three girls.  I was freaking out. I rushed him into the toilet cubicles and asked him who he liked out of them, I was his best friend so I wanted him to be happy but at the same time I wanted him to stay with me. So being the troublemaker I was. I did something. I can’t remember what I did but I know he didn’t find out and the girls didn’t get his answer

When I was young. I was average, A gamer, A extrovert and a lot more. Like others my age. I played two roles at school. The sweet goody kid in class while outside of class I was a bully. I didn’t necessarily bully people physically. I crushed them mentally until they lost their will. Plus having a crazy temper. If they tried to fight me. I’d either 1. Charge at them or 2. Ask them if they want a fight. I didn’t care who the person was as long as I knew them.

When I was young I hung out with these two guys, both were older then me and made me a trouble maker. See before grade 4 I was normal. Normal grades, normal life stlye. Normal everything. But being me. I like hanging out with people 1 year older then me and people one year younger than me. Guys {and girls} my age were kinda boring. So i stuck with them because I was the “Loner” in my first years. Now that I realize it, they influenced me in all the wrong ways.

I’ve only had one time in my ENTIRE life when one of my friends came over to my house. This was like 6 years ago and marcus {Not his real name} came over after school. I didn’t realize he came until I looked outside and saw him standing there. He never told me beforehand that he was coming over to my house. I went outside to talk with him to see what he wanted. Turns out he wanted to pick me up and met up with his other friend from my school. After he told me he wanted to meet up with chris {not his real name} I was like “yooo let’s go to chris’s house” turns out they lived not that far from me. We talked about something. But after that. We were dropping each other off. And once we came close to marcus’s house his grandma came outside and gave him a meaning hiding. After that day we never met up

Ok now that I’m 13 i’ve changed dramatically. I know that for a fact. When i was little. I communicated more with others and hung out with a large group now I hang around guys younger than me because the boys my age are annoying. Also it seems people now think I’m “emo”?. First of all, I’m making my TOP hair long enough so it reaches my shoulders. When that happens my mother is  going to give me 50 dollars. I’m also an introvert and I do get shy A LOT. also I don’t like talking to people my age. It’s easier to talk to people older than me. I get along better with my upperclassmen in another school than the boys my age.

I have a strong memory of things that either made me laugh of made my heart race. I can remember this time when my family all went up north around the age of 7 during  the holidays to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. It ended with the cops coming over to stop it.

That’s it

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

second week at cooking class.

Screenshot 2017-09-12 at 9.17.02 AM.png

At the second week of tec in the cooking class, Our class were told that we would be making egg something, anyway, we cooked eggs with sausage and ate at the end. Then we left. This took 2 hours {Or 1.30 hours?}

Monday, 4 September 2017

Zodiac Signs 04.09.2017

Name: Mayjah Date: 02.09.2017
A few day’s ago I started to learn about the “Zodiac Signs”. I had heard the word years ago but never knew the true meaning of it. Now I have learned that the Zodiac Signs are REALLY REALLY interesting. There are twelve Zodiac Signs named. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each of these signs actually tell us what a person is like. It tells everyone his/her traits and point of view, each person has a Zodiac Sign the moment they are born.

Once a human is born, their date of birth is a very important day to celebrate the birthday of that person's life., but it also gives them a sign, a Zodiac Sign.
If the person was born in may the 17th, they would be in the Taurus sign, everything has already been found out about the Taurus people, if the Zodiac sign says the person is lazy, that person would be lazy. Some people wouldn’t even know that their actually doing what the Zodiac Sign says about them, I’m not saying that the Zodiac Sign is controlling them. But more like they were meant to do that kind of stuff, it’s like fate.

To identify your Zodiac Sign, the dates will be written below:
(Forgive me if i did not put them in order)
  1. Aquarius (21 jan - 19 feb)
  2. Pisces (20 feb - 20 mar)
  3. Aries (21 mar - 19 apr)
  4. Taurus (20 apr - may 20)
  5. Gemini (may 21 - 20 jun)
  6. Cancer (21 jun - 22 jul)
  7. Leo (23 jul - 22 Aug)
  8. Virgo (23 Aug - 22 Sep)
  9. Libra (23 Sep- 22 Oct)
  10. Scorpio (23 oct - 21 Nov)
  11. Sagitarius (22 Nov - 21 Dec)
  12. Capricorn (22 dec - 20 jan)
(there is also the 21st of december which on leap day could be in capricorn)

Being born into the Taurus Sign is quite relieving, the Taurus Sign has some good information about it. But other signs are also good. I really like learning about these kinds of things, sadly I didn’t learn this at school so I hope in the near future they teach kids about this.

If you want to learn more about the zodiac signs, click the link below.