Tuesday, 12 September 2017

second week at cooking class.

Screenshot 2017-09-12 at 9.17.02 AM.png

At the second week of tec in the cooking class, Our class were told that we would be making egg something, anyway, we cooked eggs with sausage and ate at the end. Then we left. This took 2 hours {Or 1.30 hours?}

Monday, 4 September 2017

Zodiac Signs 04.09.2017

Name: Mayjah Date: 02.09.2017
A few day’s ago I started to learn about the “Zodiac Signs”. I had heard the word years ago but never knew the true meaning of it. Now I have learned that the Zodiac Signs are REALLY REALLY interesting. There are twelve Zodiac Signs named. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each of these signs actually tell us what a person is like. It tells everyone his/her traits and point of view, each person has a Zodiac Sign the moment they are born.

Once a human is born, their date of birth is a very important day to celebrate the birthday of that person's life., but it also gives them a sign, a Zodiac Sign.
If the person was born in may the 17th, they would be in the Taurus sign, everything has already been found out about the Taurus people, if the Zodiac sign says the person is lazy, that person would be lazy. Some people wouldn’t even know that their actually doing what the Zodiac Sign says about them, I’m not saying that the Zodiac Sign is controlling them. But more like they were meant to do that kind of stuff, it’s like fate.

To identify your Zodiac Sign, the dates will be written below:
(Forgive me if i did not put them in order)
  1. Aquarius (21 jan - 19 feb)
  2. Pisces (20 feb - 20 mar)
  3. Aries (21 mar - 19 apr)
  4. Taurus (20 apr - may 20)
  5. Gemini (may 21 - 20 jun)
  6. Cancer (21 jun - 22 jul)
  7. Leo (23 jul - 22 Aug)
  8. Virgo (23 Aug - 22 Sep)
  9. Libra (23 Sep- 22 Oct)
  10. Scorpio (23 oct - 21 Nov)
  11. Sagitarius (22 Nov - 21 Dec)
  12. Capricorn (22 dec - 20 jan)
(there is also the 21st of december which on leap day could be in capricorn)

Being born into the Taurus Sign is quite relieving, the Taurus Sign has some good information about it. But other signs are also good. I really like learning about these kinds of things, sadly I didn’t learn this at school so I hope in the near future they teach kids about this.

If you want to learn more about the zodiac signs, click the link below.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

First week at Cooking class at TEC 30.08.2017

Name: Mayjah Date: 30.08.2017
First week of cooking class at TEC.

Today at TEC, the year 8 in room 7 were assigned to the cooking class. After  we washed our hands and took off our jackets and hats, we were all allowed to pick a station to cook on with a partner, If we had no partner, we had to join another station. Our partner would always remain the same unless the teacher was to change it. Then we were asked to give our names and surnames to the teacher, Afterwards we were told that we were creating milkshakes with oreos in them (or sprinkled on them), We were given a trolley with cooking tools on them while the ingredients were placed on another table. Next we mixed the milk, ice cream, oreo cream and chocolate flavouring together, While I was doing this, my partner was scraping out the cream filling inside the oreos and crumbling the chocolate coating, After we both finished our tasks, we were told to put them in the blender to create the milkshake, After creating it, Our teacher asked for our milkshakes to decorate it with whipped cream and added the crumbled oreo for extra texture. After that we were asked to clean our table and put the equipment back on the trolley. The end results were VERY VERY GOOD.

Should grandparents get paid to look after grandchildren 30.08.02017

Should grandparents get paid to look after grandchildren?

I do think they should get paid for babysitting others, They deserve to get paid for taking their time to babysit their son/daughter's family., If they were to take time out they deserve to get paid for it, If their son/daughter wants elders to babysit then they should get paid.

If they get paid for babysitting, they won’t have to go an find a job. No matter what age, everyone needs to get a job to pay for their power, food, water etc. Life won’t just throw them money ( unless the get money from some company for free).

If they were to get paid money then of course they would want to baby sit more. Doing nothing but cook and look after them would make it an easy job for anyone to do. Of course there are other things they would have to do. Also building a relationship with their kin would be great, Although It would be very painful to let their elder go (The kin would be traumatized by the death of the grandparent)

Although they might not need money and may just be kind, Giving them money would show your appreciate them taking care of your young humans. Being old while taking care could be very hard for some elders if they already know they may not live very long.

My finally reason for them to get paid is because. Why not? Paying them would cost less money and most likely, things wouldn’t be as weird  as if someone else just walked into your house saying their the babysitter, Also things could be very good or very bad.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Three Dimensional Shapes

Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.01.48 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.01.54 AM.png
Cube: Pyramid:
Faces: 6 Faces: 5
Edges: 12 Edges:8
Vertices: 8 Vertices: 5

For today’s Maths we were making three dimensional shapes with sticks and blue-tack. In the pictures above, I have displayed the two shapes I made, a cube and a pyramid. Underneath the pictures are the questions we had to answer. Creating the shapes were harder than the question but it was great fun doing it.

Friday, 23 June 2017

rules of gutter board (23th june 2017)

(Note) This game is useless.
Rules: Game Rules
The match shall consist of 3 “games” and the winner determined on a best 2 from 3 basis.
There are to be 3 lines on the court. Each line 2 metres apart from the last beginning 2 metre out from the Gutter Board.
The first player to play the board shall be chosen by the ref.
The said player then proceeds to throw the spaldeen at the board attempting to catch it on the full. The player needs to play 5 0r 10 (depending on the game) successful throws to advance to the next line. Should the player miss the board or fail to catch the spaldeen on the full then the game then passes to player 2.
Player one remains at the mark he was at when he failed to play a successful throw but must start back at throw one unless the ball bounced off the board and the other player caught it on the full, in that case the offending player must return to line 1.
The game continues, with no time limit until a player reaches and succeeds at line 3. Best 2 from 3 games wins.
NOTE: Both feet must remain behind the meter marker at all times until the spaldeen has left the hand. After throwing the player may run closer to the gutter board to catch a throw that may have been deflected upwards instead of returning directly to the thrower.
The requirements for gutter board , a ball (tennis ball) or rubber ball.
3 drawn lines that are 2 metres apart from each other.
A gutter board .
An opponent .
And skills.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Pianos (June 2th 2017)

Screenshot 2017-05-30 at 11.05.01 AM.png
During the 17th century , some men created a device by the inventor by the name of bartolomeo cristofori and a few other companions. They intended to create an instrument of art. And they did by creating the commonly known modern instrument called the piano. They created it with nothing more than pieces of string and wood and a little amount of iron. They were praised for creating such incredibly instruments. But no one knows who he is. As an inventor his work was greatly kept through the ages but his name is just a silhouette of new and modern pianos. Now companies are copying cristofori's art and making people forget a great inventor . 4/5 of the population that play piano don’t know who created the first piano but play. Only 1/5 of the population (who play piano) know who the first man who created it.

As the era 17th century era ended and the 18th century began continued , the piano was redesigned by many companies , some having theirs as glass one's , other companies having theirs as metal pianos and some staying original. The most well known piano is the wood piano. During the 20th century the piano keys were changed into ivory instead of wood. Most of the new pianos have 88 keys on them with 36 black keys and 52 white keys but the old version of the piano originally had 85 keys in them. According to history , there has been a few pianos that have killed people. One death was caused by a piano making factory when one of their employees skull got crushed by a falling piano and instantly got killed. This is not a joke as there have also been others dieing from vending machines during the years 1978 to 1995 2 people died every year because of falling vending machines , in total 34 people died during that time.

Some presidents have played the piano like richard nixon and harry S truman both play and performed publicly. Richard nixon even had a singer perform with him during his show at the white house. It is also confirmed that the white has a piano and is called the eagle legged piano and as long as 5 metres . To this day people still play the piano , it is used to calm minds and impress people and used in countless events , Famous music companions use pianos to help in their music , like nightcore and NCS both use pianos to increase the sound of the music. So all in all , the piano is a great instrument to play , and is worthy of the title ‘Greatest musical instrument’. I think it still needs a little more upgrades but I shouldn't be criticizing the fine work of bartolomeo cristofori .