Thursday, 29 June 2017

Maths (29th june 2017)

Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.01.48 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.01.54 AM.png
Cube: Pyramid:
Faces: 6 Faces: 5
Edges: 12 Edges:8
Vertices: 8 Vertices: 5

For today’s math we have been learning how to make three dimensional shapes with “everyday materials”. In the pictures above, I have displayed my work by connecting the small sticks with some tac , creating a cube and a pyramid. Underneath the pictures are the questions we had to answer. Creating the shapes were harder than the question but was quite thrilling to do for fun. All in all This activity was fun to do and I recommend this after boring work.

Name: Mayjah

Friday, 23 June 2017

rules of gutter board (23th june 2017)

(Note) This game is useless.
Rules: Game Rules
The match shall consist of 3 “games” and the winner determined on a best 2 from 3 basis.
There are to be 3 lines on the court. Each line 2 metres apart from the last beginning 2 metre out from the Gutter Board.
The first player to play the board shall be chosen by the ref.
The said player then proceeds to throw the spaldeen at the board attempting to catch it on the full. The player needs to play 5 0r 10 (depending on the game) successful throws to advance to the next line. Should the player miss the board or fail to catch the spaldeen on the full then the game then passes to player 2.
Player one remains at the mark he was at when he failed to play a successful throw but must start back at throw one unless the ball bounced off the board and the other player caught it on the full, in that case the offending player must return to line 1.
The game continues, with no time limit until a player reaches and succeeds at line 3. Best 2 from 3 games wins.
NOTE: Both feet must remain behind the meter marker at all times until the spaldeen has left the hand. After throwing the player may run closer to the gutter board to catch a throw that may have been deflected upwards instead of returning directly to the thrower.
The requirements for gutter board , a ball (tennis ball) or rubber ball.
3 drawn lines that are 2 metres apart from each other.
A gutter board .
An opponent .
And skills.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Pianos (June 2th 2017)

Screenshot 2017-05-30 at 11.05.01 AM.png
During the 17th century , some men created a device by the inventor by the name of bartolomeo cristofori and a few other companions. They intended to create an instrument of art. And they did by creating the commonly known modern instrument called the piano. They created it with nothing more than pieces of string and wood and a little amount of iron. They were praised for creating such incredibly instruments. But no one knows who he is. As an inventor his work was greatly kept through the ages but his name is just a silhouette of new and modern pianos. Now companies are copying cristofori's art and making people forget a great inventor . 4/5 of the population that play piano don’t know who created the first piano but play. Only 1/5 of the population (who play piano) know who the first man who created it.

As the era 17th century era ended and the 18th century began continued , the piano was redesigned by many companies , some having theirs as glass one's , other companies having theirs as metal pianos and some staying original. The most well known piano is the wood piano. During the 20th century the piano keys were changed into ivory instead of wood. Most of the new pianos have 88 keys on them with 36 black keys and 52 white keys but the old version of the piano originally had 85 keys in them. According to history , there has been a few pianos that have killed people. One death was caused by a piano making factory when one of their employees skull got crushed by a falling piano and instantly got killed. This is not a joke as there have also been others dieing from vending machines during the years 1978 to 1995 2 people died every year because of falling vending machines , in total 34 people died during that time.

Some presidents have played the piano like richard nixon and harry S truman both play and performed publicly. Richard nixon even had a singer perform with him during his show at the white house. It is also confirmed that the white has a piano and is called the eagle legged piano and as long as 5 metres . To this day people still play the piano , it is used to calm minds and impress people and used in countless events , Famous music companions use pianos to help in their music , like nightcore and NCS both use pianos to increase the sound of the music. So all in all , the piano is a great instrument to play , and is worthy of the title ‘Greatest musical instrument’. I think it still needs a little more upgrades but I shouldn't be criticizing the fine work of bartolomeo cristofori .

Friday, 19 May 2017

Read theory (may 19th 2017)

This is an example of what read theory is about. You're presented with a story about random topics. It could be anything and changes once your finish. Occasionally , you’d get an easy but as you proceed into the next story they slowly become hard. At the bottom of the story , your get questions to answer. If you the story is small expect a lot of confusion so read the story twice or three times just to confirm your answer. Near the top of your screen your see how much deep into the quiz you're gone , if you have a X in the box that means you failed to answer the correct answer. After all the stories , you're finally get the ending results. This reading sity really tests your intelligence level and how well you can spot the answers in plain sight. All in all its great for testing and is really hard at some points. I think read theory is well programed and is a great site to visit. If you want to visit read theory click the link below. Screenshot 2017-05-16 at 12.06.33 PM.png

Thursday, 6 April 2017

omaru creek rhythm 23th march 2017

Name: Mayjah Date; 23th March 2017

Rhymes:  Green, flower, power,clean, lost, cost, need, greed, daugther, water, time, crime, dry, cry, bear, tear, gone, song, stay and fade

Though you were lost,
You always gave us power,
But you left with a cost,
Those that were once flower,
Now they aren’t green,
Now you're full of pollution,
I wonder If you will ever be clean,
But It i’ll never be the solution,
Those people will always have greed,
They will never help you in your need,
But you will always be his daughter,
You won’t rot in time,
Because you'll the goddess of water ,
and this is my crime,
I wonder if your water will dry,
If that happens it,ll be in the form of a bear,
The sky will roar and cry,
The gods will drop a tear,
For their beloved water has gone,
He,ll wish for you to stay,
He,ll listen to your song,
As slowly in time fades,

Friday, 3 March 2017

thoughts about blueberries 3.3.2017

Name: Mayjah                                                                                             Date: 3th march 2017

As my teacher showed us the small and fragile-like fruit we all gazed in awe at the small substances in front of us. I wasn’t really looking at Mrs Tuakoi as she displayed the small fruit in front because I was thinking of playing games when I got home. After 2 minutes of chatting about the fruit we were finally allowed to test the blueberries. As I thought it couldn’t taste better than a foot in my mouth. The fruit tasted like it was put in a dump full of shoes. Now we have to write about it. THE FRUIT WAS DISGUSTING will be my final words about those expired fruits that miss brought to class.

What a waste of good fruit. It was expired or so I think. But if it was still in good condition it wouldn't have been better. The only good thing about the expired fruit was probably the after taste the rest just wasn't good enough, my taste buds just wanted to eat dirt mixed with squid ink that would have been better . I could think of countless fruits that are better to eat then what our teacher brought us. For example: ( rock melon, carrots,bananas , Pomegranate etc.) and even dried apricots would beat that foul taste . I don’t blame the teacher for getting us those rotten fruits but I would like to point out the company that ruined good fruit. They deserve to be bankrupted for selling expired fruit to their customers.
surprisinglyThe fruit weren't expired .

Friday, 14 October 2016

Climbing 13.10.2016

As i sat on top of the mountain, I a perfect viewpoint of the town below. Rock climbing was my favourite activity. When i started climbing at the age of 7. By the age of 10 I could climb trees. By 13 I started going to more advanced place where there would be steep cliffs slippery holds. Once I became a more advanced person to climbing , I started climbing mountain tops for the bestest viewpoints. After all of my climbing I’d get some more friends to come along with me.

By the age of 21 I was starting up a  mountain when Suddenly I became aware that my equipment were losing grip on the mountain. But I thought I could make it to the top not knowing that the ground was shifting under me. I felt a shudder rising from me and then from the top of the mountain it came crashing down with speed like a running cheater more and more kept forming from the distance but I could see what was going on for at that moment something hit me on the head and caused me to get squeezed by the approaching avalanche. When I woke up I was in the hospital lying on a bed lost in a sea of faces .

After two weeks of waiting I was allowed to go hiking again. But to keep away from snowy mountains . I search for new places with better viewpoints but i could never find the right one that could show me the bestest viewpoint of the world. I find new viewpoints everywhere i go but maybe i should try biking with others to be safe.